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No really. You should. It’s amazing.

And if you live in New Hampshire go see Stefan play live. You won’t regret it!

Utah Landscapes 4 “Winding Road” - Near Kanab, UT

iPhone 4, Camera+

Weather rolls through the west in a way I never experienced growing up in the east. Bowls of blue sky will be filled with rampaging clouds in the matter of minutes. Cloud breaks and slanting rain light up the sky in endless variation. I had just come down out of the mountain pass on a winding highway and was met with this vista. I had to stop and capture the sinuous road winding through the desert.

Chad Coleman - Photographer

My friend Chad is an amazing guy and a wonderful photographer. When he lost his job at the newspaper earlier this year (while his wife was expecting baby number 2) one of the writers penned this for him. You can find Chad’s work at and you can follow him on Facebook & Twitter

The column that the editor wouldn’t run:
By Gabrielle Nomura

Across the United States, more than 30 million Americans have lost their jobs.

Being in the journalism industry, I have no idea how I thought my little bubble within the American workforce would be safe. It’s a struggling industry in a flailing economy – not a good combination.

And yet, I was totally unprepared this week when we lost a valued member of our newsroom due to our tightening budget – two-time Washington Newspaper Publisher’s Association Photographer of the Year, Chad Coleman.

Chad, like so many other newspaper photographers, is the casualty of what happens when the ads are not selling, and journalists are being forced to do more – write, proofread, edit, maintain the website and photograph in order for the paper to stay afloat.

Many of you in our community have been photographed by Chad. Whether you were a high-school football player, a Cavalia performer, fashion model, or politician – Chad’s colorful, intriguing photographs could be seen on the front pages of several Sound Publishing papers in East King County.

If you’ve met him, you wouldn’t forget him. Wearing Converse sneakers and a hoodie, the dad will proudly whip out his iPhone to show you adorable pictures of, “the kid.” He makes even the most self-conscious person crack a smile while they’re getting their photo taken.

I would constantly tease Chad whenever his metrosexual side would show. During our fashion shoots for Bellevue Scene, he never left the hair touch-ups or makeup suggestions just to me and he could make a woman, no matter her age, body type or background, feel confident.

But, in addition to perfectly-lit portraits, Chad was a visual storyteller.

At one point, he set up shop in Crossroads for several days, photographing people who represent the various colors, languages and faces that make our community diverse.

He would lay down on his back in the mud, hang from a light post or crawl into a tight space – whatever it took to get the best shot.

While his growing family might make other photojournalists hunt for a job that could more easily pay the bills, Chad stayed for more than half a decade because he loves his craft.

I know how to look through a lens and snap a photo, but I can’t create images that convey a story without words like Chad can.

We’ll miss him here in the newsroom. I’m sure you will too.

I dropped off my first gallery submission this weekend for the Salt Lake City Library. It’s an open call for submissions. Here’s to hoping my work is selected!

Utah Landscapes 3 “Roadtrip Sky” - Near Kanab, UT

iPhone 4, Camera+

I took a roadtrip down to Arizona last August to see my grandmother. I hit an Elk on that trip and totaled my car. It was a true near death experience. That night as I was driving the sky was more beautiful than I have ever seen. At one point there was a thunderstorm complete with lightning, the sunset and a double rainbow all hovering above the red rock bluffs. I kept stopping to take photos or just sit in the desert with Zoe Keating’s cello music playing and absorb the beauty of the moment.

No problem at all - the pleasure is all mine. I think you captured that squall absolutely perfectly. Utah is an astounding place I have only seen through photography and film - I look forward to seeing it through your eyes. Heck, judging by 'Light After Storm' i'm gonna be on for a treat - best wishes from London, UK - Marty.


Wow, thanks. I did my best to not take the standard photos everyone expects of red desert rock, etc. I have a few like that, but not too many. Planning to go to Southern Utah this weekend to shoot some more.

Some of your photos are haunting. They really get to me, thanks for sharing :)

Utah Landscapes 2 “Lake” - Antelope Island, UT

iPhone 4, Camera+

The Great Salt Lake is a bizarre ecosystem. One so different from the oceans, rivers and lakes of my youth. Over Thanksgiving we went to explore Antelope Island, a park set aside for wildlife and populated with Bison, Antelope and other wild creatures. We saw a lone Bison on the road, it seemed unperturbed by our presence and allowed us to drive slowly by and take photos.

This shot is taken from a high point on the island looking West. The Wasatch Mountains can be seen in the distance across the marsh of the island and the lake. On the right side of the image you can see the beginnings of the smog/inversion layer that often collects around Salt Lake City on high pressure days. We need better air quality laws here but the state and local government seem to think otherwise.

I offer this image as a print as well. My younger brother and his wife will have one hanging on their wall shortly.

Utah Landscapes 1 “Light After Storm” - Salt Lake City, UT

iPhone 4, Camera+

I was driving home from downtown and the sun dipped below the clouds in the final moments of sunset. I was in a spot where I could see the city and the sky start to shine. I pulled over and took this shot on an overpass with trucks and cars zooming past me. A small squall was moving across the valley and the sun lit the raindrops and made the world glow for a brief few moments.
I offer this image as a print on fine art paper. The final result looks more like a painting than a photo. It is one of my favorites and I never grow tired of it.

Utah Landscapes

The skies in Utah are breathtaking. Every night I am treated to a sunset that seems more beautiful than the last. The landscapes are full of open bowls of sky, red rock, white peaks and mercurial clouds. After the dense grey sky of Seattle for so many years I find myself just stopping to look and forgetting to take photos. But I have captured some extraordinary images in the past year from this place. This next series is of Utah Landscapes. I hope you enjoy them.

Subway Series 10 - Stairwell - NY, NY

iPhone 4, Camera+

The crumbling interior of the old subway tunnels has it’s own beauty. When taking photos in a location I try to look in all directions. Sometimes right above us or below us is an image worth capturing. I loved the crumbled ceiling juxtaposed with the smooth walls and stairwell from the floor above.

Subway Series 9 - Tile - NY, NY

iPhone 4, Camera+

There are so few places in our crazy world that we take the time to make beautiful. I love to see installations of art in a utilitarian location. What amazes me is how rarely we stop to look, absorb and enjoy the art that is around us. Next time you see something, stop, look, feel, listen. Let it in and be in the moment. It might be the most peaceful part of your busy day.

Subway Series 8 - Stoic - NY, NY

iPhone 4, Slow Shutter, Camera+

This man intrigued me. He was oblivious to the fact I was taking his photo. Like many people on the subway he was in his own world, closing out the strangers around him. I used slow shutter set on 1/16 of a second. The constant movement of the train causes the image to look like a painting rather than a photograph.

Subway Series 7 - Ghosts - NY, NY

iPhone 4, Slow Shutter, Camera+

Millions of people travel the New York subway everyday. Rarely leaving more than a fleeting imprint of their presence. Using a slow shutter with a digital camera captured this image of ghostly impressions of people moving on and off the train.

Subway Series 6 - Patience - NY, NY

iPhone 4, Slow Shutter, Camera+

This man stood so still as he waited for the train. I stood behind him and set the camera to a 1/2 second exposure. If you look closely you can see a person standing on the train platform through the train.

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